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Stranger than fiction: the Manchurian President, and other zealots

January 18, 2017

I’ve been watching Trump’s twitter posts with a kind of giddy revulsion.  For the last eighteen months I’ve been working on a novel about a renegade CEO trying to overthrow the government in the name of patriotism. Trump’s ascendance is sort of an eerie validation of my writer’s sixth sense. Of course that kind of … read more »


PREVIEW: 48 States, Chapter 1

January 12, 2017

Here’s a sneak preview of my latest project, 48 STATES. Enjoy!   Dark and cold. That was North Dakota in a nutshell. Prior to the relocations, it bore the distinct honor of being the least visited state in the nation. Remote, desolate and unforgiving, it never garnered much regard from humanity. Now, stripped of its … read more »


About Evette
Evette Davis is the author of the Dark Horse Trilogy. When she’s not writing novels, Davis runs campaigns and dispenses advice to some of the country’s largest corporations, non-profits and institutions as a political consultant and co-owner of a San Francisco-based public affairs firm. Read more

Between the Lines
New Year’s Resolutions are fraught with peril…can anyone really promise to do something for an entire year? Instead, let’s say I’ve decided to fulfill a long-standing wish to broaden my connections to other writers I admire. And so, voila! Between the Lines: Interviews with Authors.

Flesh and Bone

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