Evette’s op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle

Living in San Francisco is like having a stunning spouse or companion. Everyone wants to be near you, which can be exhausting. Our city is experiencing that now. There are too many people and not enough places to live. Rents are rising, tempers are flaring and windows are being smashed.

Praise for ‘Woman King’

Readers across the land (and perhaps the globe) have been enjoying “Woman King,” and many of them have posted some great reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords. Here are some excerpts:

Critical mass: Book reviewers weigh in

The book critics are beginning to have their say about “Woman King.” Read a review by Rebecca Skane of the Seacoast Online blog of New Hampshire! If you come across any reviews of ‘Woman King’ on the web, please pass along links. If you’re interested in the views of other readers, I recommend browsing either my Amazon […]

WOMAN KING breaks Top 20 on serial fiction website

Since its debut with JukePop Serials, a website devoted to emerging authors of fiction, “Woman King” has been voted one of the top stories on the site. Thank you to all the readers who read and voted for it! If you’d like to read the first 20 chapters of Woman King, here’s your chance!   […]