48 States Review- Daily Mom

19 Great Books to Cuddle Up and Read This Fall by Katie Cowan 48 States is a dystopian thriller that centers around a government in the future that is forced to rewrite civil liberties and erase two states (cue the title making sense) due to a series of terrorist attacks. A single mother and a […]

Kirkus, Starred Review

An adept and chilling cautionary tale—the narrative equivalent of brass knuckles to the skull. Kirkus, Starred Review Blending elements of apocalyptic fiction, dystopian thriller, and timely political drama, this novel is set in an America on the brink of collapse. After much of the country’s leadership is assassinated by terrorists in a coordinated attack at […]

Write — Read — Life Review

Unique take on dystopian United States.  No one could have anticipated the attacks that would occur on United States soil. Multiple political assassinations took out much of the country’s leadership until the Secretary of State was the next in line for the presidency.  After that, things changed rapidly.  In order to become fully oil independent, […]

These Days, Real Life Can Be Stranger Than Science Fiction — USAWire Staff

Hmm, I Feel Like I Read About That In the Newspaper My new novel 48 States contemplates the United States forcibly relocating people to turn states into fracking territories to allow the US to produce enough oil and gas to avoid further conflict with terrorists in the Middle East. This process creates thousands of domestic refugees across […]

Author Q & A: 48 States – Evette Davis

Q&A by ramblingmads The year is 2042, and the United States is recovering from a series of terrorist attacks that uprooted the government, revoked civil liberties, and erased two states from the map. Widow, single mother, and Army veteran Jennifer “River” Petersen drives trucks for a living in Energy Territory No. 1, formerly known as […]

Evette Davis on Self-Expression That Demands Engagement

An interview with Evette Davis from The Write Stuff series: Evette Davis is the author of 48 States and Woman King and Dark Horse, the first two installments of the Dark Horse Trilogy. When she’s not writing novels, Davis dispenses advice to some of the country’s largest corporations, non-profits and institutions as a consultant and co-owner of BergDavis Public Affairs, an award-winning San Francisco-based […]

Indie Book Club Picks for 2022

By She Reads Editor 48 States by Evette Davis In 2042, the United States has been turned upside down from terrorist attacks, a crumbling government, and a rewritten civil liberties. Not to mention, two states have been removed and erased from the map. River is a widow, a single mother, and a veteran of the Caliphate […]

Review by Stephanie Hildreth

In the year 2042, the United States is rebounding from a series of terrorist attacks and upheaval that has left the former Secretary of State as the new President. In the aftermath, she has had to make the harrowing decision to turn two states into energy territories, displacing all of the people there. Redmond Pierce […]