What cards will Olivia be dealt in her pursuit of vengeance?

Supernaturally gifted Olivia Shepherd goes on assignment in Eastern Europe after a brutal act of terrorism shakes the Council to its core. What Olivia really wants is time to recover and to process the stunning revelations about her father that her mother kept secret from Olivia all her life. But with thousand-year-old vampire Nikola on her tail, rest is not in the cards for the reluctant soldier, who is only now discovering the extent of her powers. And when Nikola makes the fight horrifically personal, Olivia becomes blinded by her need for revenge. Soon drawn back into the treacherous politics of the Council, she finds herself separated from her lover, William, and thrust into an uncomfortable partnership with his beguiling brother, Josef. As everything in Olivia’s life spins out of control, will she surrender to destiny or forge her own path?