Final Newsletter of 2021

This is it. My last blog/newsletter for 2021. I’ve got to stop marketing myself and get down to writing, or I will never publish two novels in 2022. Here are some final thoughts to ponder, until we meet again: San

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I DARE You to Read this Newsletter

While in my adolescence in the 1980’s – when there were no smartphones, Internet or WiFi – playing truth or dare was probably one of the first ways in which I was introduced to the thrill of being scared. Painfully

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48 States is on Vella!

Here is a super easy way to check out my new novel, 48 STATES, on Kindle Vella… It is being delivered right to your inbox! Head to this link to follow and start reading my newest piece chapter—by-chapter. There are two chapters

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Let’s All Disappear

I hadn’t planned on writing another newsletter for summer, but the reaction to my last missive inspired me to pen another post. The May/June essay was by far the most widely read thing I’ve written in a long time. (I

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