48 States is on Vella!

Here is a super easy way to check out my new novel, 48 STATES, on Kindle Vella… It is being delivered right to your inbox! Head to this link to follow and start reading my newest piece chapter—by-chapter. There are two chapters

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Let’s All Disappear

I hadn’t planned on writing another newsletter for summer, but the reaction to my last missive inspired me to pen another post. The May/June essay was by far the most widely read thing I’ve written in a long time. (I

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Heart Meditation and Saying Goodbye

We all grieve differently. After my father died, I waited for the tears to come but they never arrived. My sister Robin cried non-stop from the moment she got to San Francisco the day before his death. She wept openly

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Exciting Announcement

I have begun publishing my first two novels on Wattpad! I am going to be publishing a chapter or two every week in order to gear up for the release of the final book later this year. If you go

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