“So much more than just a well-written dystopian thriller… An adept and chilling cautionary tale—the narrative equivalent of brass knuckles to the skull.” – Kirkus, Starred Review

Dear Friends,

I never thought this day would come, but I’m thrilled to announce that my latest novel, 48 Statesis on sale starting today. So far, the reviews have been positive including a starred review from Kirkus. This novel is five years in the making, taking me through a pandemic and the death of my father, which is plenty of fuel for a dystopian tale, but the genesis of the story comes from a much different place. It comes from my volunteer work for Swords to Plowshares and getting to know a handful of women authors who are also veterans. Their bravery was the spark that sent my imagination off and running. 

When I started working on the story I could never have imagined January 6,  or the shocking details that have been disclosed in the last few days. It’s fascinating, if not downright unsettling when fiction and reality intersect, but that seems to be the case for the last few years. 48 States is a meditation on a dystopia of an unfamiliar kind, one that doesn’t involve mass sickness or death. It’s about the more subtle and pernicious ways a place can lose its moorings. I hope you’ll be in touch if you decide to read the book and let me know what you think. Another exciting detail is that I published the novel using IngramSpark, which means you can ask for my novel at local bookstores. 

Given the virus’ unstable trajectory and the fact that travel season is already upon us, I plan on celebrating in late summer or early fall. Keep an eye out for an official launch party and other activities—I’ll send out an update when there are more details. 

For those of you who decide to buy the book—and like it—please remember to leave a review on whatever site you use. Reviews are incredibly important to helping me attract new readers, so thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to leave your thoughts. 

I wish all of you a safe summer. I appreciate you being a part of my community and I look forward to hearing from you. 


P.S.  Here are a few more reviews, if you’re interested:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a unique take on dystopian literature… Davis brings a fresh look with 48 States.” — Write Read Life blog

48 States is a dystopian thriller that shows what can happen when greed and power take over. A strong beginning threw me into the story with amazing characters. I loved River’s character from the beginning as she stood up for herself within the territory of mostly men. 48 States is an emotional, surprising, yet realistic dystopian thriller.” — Stephanie’s Book Reviews

“Very engaging… If you enjoy a dystopian novel with a bit of espionage, then I think you may enjoy this one.” — Cozy Book Nook

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