Two Books With Birds on the Cover by Bonnie Jacobs

Published: 10/11/2022

Book bans, federal curfews, and digital identity chips — what a terrifying near future!  A cautionary tale set in 2042 when the United States is recovering from a series of terrorist attacks that upended the government, rewrote our civil liberties, and erased two states from the map.  River, a widow who is a single mother and a veteran of the Caliphate Wars, works as a waste hauling trucker in Energy Territory No. 1, formerly known as North Dakota.  Living in a dingy motel room with nothing but her books and a semi-automatic pistol for company, she is weeks away from the end of her contract and returning to her young daughter.

Finn Cunningham, a hydrologist with the United States Geology Survey (USGS) in Montana, is suspicious of environmental changes he’s seeing in nearby western waterways and decides to investigate.  His decision sets him on a collision course with River, sending them both on the run.  One is a fugitive and the other is a reluctant participant, as they share stories of their lives.  This one-of-a-kind book points out the real dangers of extremism.

Someone commented on Amazon:  “I’m not normally a fan of dystopian tales, since our own country appears to be rapidly devolving into one recently, but this one is both believable and well-written.”

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