Dear Friends,

I hope you like this new version of my newsletter. It coincides with a refreshed website and social media  – and a goal of staying better connected to my readers. It’s been almost four years since I’ve published anything and many of you are probably wondering, what the heck happened?  I wish I could offer some great adventure like Olivia experiences as an excuse. The truth is that trying to run a business, raise a daughter, care for an aging father, write novels and market myself as an independent author was way too much for one human being to manage. I decided to focus on my writing and my family and come back to the other things another day. 

That day is now, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve spent my time well, having completed one novel and nearly completed another.  I’m just about to finish a first draft of Book III in the trilogy which will bring Olivia’s saga to an end – or at least this particular story arc. I have ideas for at least one prequal and a spin off series about Josef, who in my mind will make a great private detective with his surly ways and penchant for trouble. 

What Should the 3rd Book be Named? 

WOMAN KING AND DARK HORSE are both two-word titles and both are nine letters each. For some reason it’s proven harder to identify the right title for this last book. My designer has warned against trying to fit one long word on the cover, so of course the majority of the ideas I’ve had have been one word. Some of the ideas so far include: 

CORONATION =  10 letters

TRIAL BY FIRE  = 11 letters

SPELLBOUND =  10 letters 

CROWNED =  7 letters 

WITCHING HOUR = 12 letters 

WITCH QUEEN = 10 letters 

HIGH STAKES = 10 letters 

Do you have an idea for a title? I’m soliciting input from my readers. The author of the winning title will be mentioned in the acknowledgments in my book and receive a signed copy. Send me a note at [email protected] with your ideas. We’ll publish everyone’s suggestions on our Facebook page and ask readers to vote on which one they like best.

Excerpt from Book III

Meanwhile, I’ve heard from a number of people who found a way to get in touch and asked what was happening with Olivia. I’m flattered and fortunate to have fans from San Francisco to New York who are waiting patiently for an answer. Here is an excerpt from Book III to start answering that question.

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