Does the Tattoo Change the Woman?

I waited a long time to get a tattoo. I put it off for twenty years while I fretted that it would give people the wrong impression about me as I started my public relations firm. Then I was worried it would somehow damage my credibility when I became a mother. But I never lost […]

When Life is Stranger than Fiction

 I love this photo of the Skystar in Golden Gate Park.  For me, it’s  simultaneously romantic and creepy – the lights sparkling in the twilight of an emptied almost dystopian landscape thanks to the pandemic and San Francisco’s shelter in place order.  It’s the kind of thing you would read about in THE STAND or […]

Stranger than fiction: the Manchurian President, and other zealots

I’ve been watching Trump’s twitter posts with a kind of giddy revulsion.  For the last eighteen months I’ve been working on a novel about a renegade CEO trying to overthrow the government in the name of patriotism. Trump’s ascendance is sort of an eerie validation of my writer’s sixth sense. Of course that kind of […]

Conjuring up Jewish Vampires

Who’s ever heard of a Jewish Vampire? I hadn’t, but he came to be nevertheless. He arrived in my imagination, a product of that murderous chaos, a member of the resistance killed by the Germans and saved by a vampire who gives him immortality.

Evette’s op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle

Living in San Francisco is like having a stunning spouse or companion. Everyone wants to be near you, which can be exhausting. Our city is experiencing that now. There are too many people and not enough places to live. Rents are rising, tempers are flaring and windows are being smashed.

Praise for ‘Woman King’

Readers across the land (and perhaps the globe) have been enjoying “Woman King,” and many of them have posted some great reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords. Here are some excerpts:

Critical mass: Book reviewers weigh in

The book critics are beginning to have their say about “Woman King.” Read a review by Rebecca Skane of the Seacoast Online blog of New Hampshire! If you come across any reviews of ‘Woman King’ on the web, please pass along links. If you’re interested in the views of other readers, I recommend browsing either my Amazon […]

Dammit, Jim! Women Want to Have Adventures Too

Summer movies are upon us, and with their arrival comes the unfortunate role of women in blockbusters. Female characters are once again relegated to simpering on the sidelines or stuffing themselves into small bathing suits (or cat suits) to enjoy sexual innuendo and banter, while the men go off to save civilization.

Get thee to the library

I’m happy to report that for those of you who missed my launch party, but were curious about Woman King, I’ll be giving a reading at the San Francisco Public Library on June 5.  While there, I will also discuss some of the lessons I’ve learned from my year-long quest to self-publish. No big surprise […]

Now available via Amazon, Smashwords

I am delighted to announce that WOMAN KING is now available for sale on and Thank you to everybody who showed your support at the book’s May 9 launch party in San Francisco. Many copies were sold there, but here’s how you can get yours.

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