In Dark Horse, the second installment of my trilogy by the same name, Olivia decides she must take matters into her own hands and kill her nemesis before he kills her:

I’m not sure if I can kill Nikola, but I have enough hate in my heart to try.”

“You’ll need more than hate,” Elsa said. “To kill a vampire, you must remove its head cleanly and burn the body, or stab it through the heart with a wooden stake. To get close enough to do either of those things takes planning and skill, especially when the target is someone who’s been dead as long as Nikola.

This, of course, is just one strategy. I don’t want to introduce any spoilers, so I’ll just say that Olivia chooses to go with swordplay to finish out her task. An ancient Turkish saber to be specificBut as you are probably aware, there are many ways to kill a vampire, so herewith as a special holiday treat, I present you with several links to good sources for how to dispose of the undead. This is San Francisco, after allyou can never be too careful.






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