I recently posted a list of some of the music that inspired me while I was writing “Woman King.”  What I forgot to do, however, was to share what a sample set would look like for William’s band.

Those of you who’ve read “Woman King” know that William is Olivia’s love interest. He’s also a 180-year old vampire who plays in a bluegrass band called Three Blind Mice. They manage to get in a few performances in the book, although I don’t go into much detail about the songs.

My inspiration for William and his band is Devil Makes Three, a trio from Northern California who play a kind of punk country that’s truly infectious.  They’re very talented musicians, and I was lucky to catch them at the Fillmore in San Francisco at the end of 2012.

Based on that inspiration, I decided to create a list of songs Three Blind Mice might cover if given a chance to perform, and you can check it out using the Spotify playlist above. I’d love to hear from you about what you think Three Blind Mice might play. Send me an email! — Evette

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