I’m excited to announce that Friends of the San Francisco Public Library has asked me to participate as one of the 35 Laureates for its annual fundraiser. When I read the email with the invitation I almost fainted, as I have long wanted to occupy one of the tables inside the Main Library as something more than a guest and patron of the public library system.

For many years as a part of my “day job” I provided communications advice to both the Library and the Friends. [This is San Francisco after all…] Without sounding too dramatic, Libraries are a critical part of civilization. Free access to information is necessary for democracy (and so is a steady, dependable budget for the library system.)

As a writer, I rely on the Library for my research: one never know when they’re going to need to read about ancient weapons, Islamic poetry or fracking…

I hope you’ll join me at the San Francisco Public Library on April 7, 2017. Those who sit at my table will receive copies of both WOMAN KING AND DARK HORSE. You can learn more or buy a ticket here.

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