This is the maiden post on my WOMAN KING blog. I’ll do my best to keep up with it and give you something fresh to read.

This blog and the WOMAN KING website wouldn’t be possible without the help and guidance of my friend and neighbor Sara Hillman. She’s a talented web designer whose company you can read more about here. …The design of the book cover for WOMAN KING was created by another local success story Leah Hefner, a gifted graphic designer I met through to my longstanding friendships with other, amazing, talented women.

Do you detect a theme here?

WOMAN KING was not written to bash men or to even exclude them from the conversation.  My goal has always been to create an engaging story, but I confess I did have women’s work on my mind…More specifically, for the better part of a decade I have been wondering about what makes women leaders.  It may seem cliché when the New York Times is proclaiming us king of the jungle after our nation’s long, savage recession. But those of us inhabiting offices and boardrooms know that women have to earn their authority differently then men.  It’s that process that continues to fascinate me. 

I confess that on some days my own path has felt rocky, impassable and slightly treacherous.  In those tough moments, I’ve often let my mind wonder…WOMAN KING is the result of those meanderings.

My first novel is the fictional path of one woman’s transformation into a leader.  And very specifically, it deals with a topic that has also long fascinated me: women’s intuition. Do we really have a sixth sense? I decided to conjure up a story where the main character has to learn to rely on her instincts and intuition, or face dire consequences.  It’s a rough road for a woman used to stuffing her emotions far, far below the surface.  WOMAN KING is the beginning of a journey, one where Olivia will struggle to use her emotions as a tool, rather than a weapon against herself.

I hope you enjoy WOMAN KING, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.



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