New Year’s Giveaway!

Hello everybody! In celebration of the new year and 48 States getting named one of the Best Indie Books in 2022, I’m hosting a giveaway! 20 lucky winners will be sent a copy of all 3 of my books, a Flesh & Bone Publishing tote bag, and two pins that feature characters from my books! […]

When Things Go Wrong, Send in the Women

I’m obsessed with female leaders and their portrayal in entertainment. Are great women leaders seen as ruthless? Sexy? Brittle and sarcastic? Or are they kind, but firm, leading through inspiration instead of intimidation. For me, creating a compelling female character is tricky. Too many portrayals of women in popular culture repeat outdated stereotypes or reinforce […]

An interview with Evette on her childhood poetry and inspiration

As one of the few women working in politics and public affairs in San Francisco and the region, I’ve often longed for a confidant to discuss some of the more unpleasant things that have happened in the course of doing my work. That desire sent me off to write a play about a consultant who suddenly sees an ancient female warrior appear as her invisible mentor.

Praise for ‘Woman King’

Readers across the land (and perhaps the globe) have been enjoying “Woman King,” and many of them have posted some great reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords. Here are some excerpts:

Get thee to the library

I’m happy to report that for those of you who missed my launch party, but were curious about Woman King, I’ll be giving a reading at the San Francisco Public Library on June 5.  While there, I will also discuss some of the lessons I’ve learned from my year-long quest to self-publish. No big surprise […]

Now available via Amazon, Smashwords

I am delighted to announce that WOMAN KING is now available for sale on and Thank you to everybody who showed your support at the book’s May 9 launch party in San Francisco. Many copies were sold there, but here’s how you can get yours.

WOMAN KING breaks Top 20 on serial fiction website

Since its debut with JukePop Serials, a website devoted to emerging authors of fiction, “Woman King” has been voted one of the top stories on the site. Thank you to all the readers who read and voted for it! If you’d like to read the first 20 chapters of Woman King, here’s your chance!   […]

Kings, queens and jacks

I’m often asked, “Why ‘Woman King’ and not ‘Queen’?” The answer is that a woman king is something altogether different from a queen.

Women’s Work!

Welcome! This is the maiden post on my WOMAN KING blog. I’ll do my best to keep up with it and give you something fresh to read. This blog and the WOMAN KING website wouldn’t be possible without the help and guidance of my friend and neighbor Sara Hillman. She’s a talented web designer whose […]

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